Course: Risk Management Consult: Dentistry in Depth, 2nd Edition PSIC
Author: Rosemary Gafner and James Schutte
credit(s) CE: 8
Estimated Hours to Complete Course: 7.00
Estimated Minutes to Complete Test: 60
Course Release Date: 11/1/2014
Course Expiration Date: 10/31/2021
Risk management and patient safety for all dentists.

NOTE: All Medrisk courses are approved for CME and CE credit, but not all are approved for insurance discounts or medical or dental board remediation. If you are enrolling in a course for an insurer, university or medical or dental board, you should check with them to make sure that the course you are selecting is approved.

Risk Management Consult
Dentistry in Depth, 2nd Edition


This is a course about learning to recognize and prevent the common communication errors that give rise to avoidable malpractice claims. An “avoidable” claim for our purposes is one in which the dentist being sued possessed all the requisite skills and knowledge to either render the necessary care or refer the patient to an appropriate specialist. The patient was harmed, however, because of a failure in the communication and documentation procedures that should have led to timely and appropriate treatment. These breakdowns occur at every level of patient care, from the failure to take and record an accurate and thorough history to the dentist’s failure to discuss relevant risks with the primary care physician to the patient with a suspicious oral lesion who skips the follow-up appointment because he wasn’t advised of its importance.


Upon completion of this course, a dentist should be able to:

1.  Distinguish among different levels of duty to your patient and others.
2.  Know how to handle risks associated with sedation and anesthesia.
3.  Explain the need for orally reviewing with new patients any written medical history questionnaires or other documents they provide.
4.  Understand the importance of obtaining and reviewing the patient’s prior records.
5.  Recognize the importance of communicating with the patient’s primary care physician and other care givers.
6.  Understand your duty when the patient fails to follow your advice for follow-up care or testing.

Target Audience
All dentists.


This is a self-study course consisting of text and CE test.  Users should read the course content, answer the test questions and submit the answers for scoring.  Those who complete the course with a score of 80 percent or higher will earn a maximum of 8 CE creditsTM.


This course was developed by Rosemary Gafner, Ed.D. and James E. Schutte, Ph.D.  Their CVs are available at

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This activity was developed solely by Medical Risk Management, Inc. without any commercial support.


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